SLINYA  have solid experience in equipment manufacturing. SLINYA’s qualified technical staff is capable of developing and executing projects, including engineering design and OEM/ODM service  to most industry sectors.

SLINYA’s quality policy is to be the best customer satisfier by providing products of the highest quality, and then establish a good long-term cooperation,  mutually beneficial relationship with customers.

Friendly, helpful customer service is an important part of our company, and we go above and beyond to insure you the security and speed. SLINYA provide the best service that ultimately leads to no need service.

Expert in manufacturing is the core brand idea of SLINYA. The professional, dedicated team of SLINYA creates a Fashion, beautiful, comfortable, safe and energy-saving products and service for customers. 

Employees are the most important assets of SLINYA.  We welcome wok-hard, dynamic, curious, self-driven and team spirited people to join our us creating the beautiful future together.

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