Slinya is a global technology company with expertise in the electronics, security integration, networking and lighting industries. Slinya prides itself on providing a service that continually exceeds our customers expectations. our products Including series such as mobile phone & computer accessories, consumer electronics, security & protection and lights & lighting and so on.

We specializing in designing, engineering, manufacturing and marketing various kinds of high quality products, we can provide OEM/ODM service to most industry sectors like logo printing, package customize, new molded design and PCBA layout service. etc..

Slinya offer professional knowledge in some specializing related industries, whether you require a OEM service or ODM design products, we have the high-performance answer to your needs. We also offer comprehensive consulting services, help design your products, tailor standard units to your exact requirements, and provide accessories. To find out how we can meet your unique requirements. Welcome send information or inquiry for consultation and cooperation.

We welcome and value feedback from members and other stakeholders. Your feedback helps us to develop and improve our services and ensure that our Customer Service Standards are appropriate for your needs. We assure you that all feedback will be handled with all seriousness.

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